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Chenrezig meditation

The enlightened quality of compassion is expressed in the form of Chenrezig (in sanskrit: Avalokiteshvara). The name translates as: “he who gazes with love on all beings”.

In his standing form he usually is depicted with 1000 arms, symbolizing his wish to stand by all beings.

We meditate on the form of Chenrezig with four arms. The four arms point to the four 'Immeasurables': the enlightend qualities of universal love, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.Through meditating on Chenrezig we awaken these qualities in ourselves and strengthen them.

It is important to understand that we are not seperate from Chenrezig. He is not something merely manifesting outside of us, also he is not simply an abstraction. Chenrezig is inside us, because the qualities of love and compassion are innately present in our minds, they do not have to be added to it. We carry the seed of buddhahood inside us. Meditating on Chenrezig is like looking in the mirror: recognizing the buddha inside us by looking in the mirror and then resting in that awareness.

Prior to the medition additional explanation can be give. The meditation is sung in tibetan, english translation is available.

Duration? about 45min.

When? Varying days, see schedule below. Meditation starts at 7:30p.m.

November 2017
friday 10
thursday 16
tuesday 21
monday 27
December 2017
thursday 7
wednesday 13
tuesday 19