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Gyalse Thogme Zangpo's Dying Song

Sun, 01/14/2018 - 18:25 -- KTL

If this illusory body, which I cling to as mine, is sick - let it be sick!
This sickness enables me to exhaust
The bad karma I have accumulated in the past,
And the spiritual deeds I can then perform
help me purify the two kinds of veils.

If I am in good health, I am happy,
Because when my body and mind are well,
I can enhance my spiritual practice
And give real meaning to human existence
By turning my body, speech and mind to virtue.

If I am poor, I am happy,
Because I've no wealth to protect,
And I know that all feuds and animosity
Sprout from the seeds of greed and attachment.

If I am rich, I am happy,
Because with my wealth I can do more positive actions,
And both temporal and ultimate happiness
Are the result of meritorious deeds.

If I die soon, that's excellent,
Because, assisted by some good potential I am confident that
I shall enter the unmistaken path
before any obstacles can intervene.

If I live long, I am happy,
Because without parting from the warm, beneficial rain of spiritual instructions
I can, over a long time, fully ripen
The crop of inner experiences.

Therefore, whatever happens, i shall be happy!